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Our goal is to champion entrepreneurship.

We exist simply to help our startups succeed.

If we can supercharge businesses that go onto be successful then our investors will win be default. 

More than likely we have found you and not vice versa, we are not an organisations that is passive, we are actively seeking the best entrepreneurs, the best startups and we are completely aware that they will not land in our lap, but since you are here...let me explain our plans.

“Once we’ve made a decision to be beside you, we will never go away. We will deploy code, we will deploy people, we will help you every day understand your business better.”

- Chamath Palihapitiya


We are not your stereotypical VC nor are we your typical equity crowdfunding platform, in fact we prefer the term investor marketplace. We are here to serve you and that goes well beyond listing your startup and sending the occasional email out. You have been hand selected and as such, we consider you one of our own. We will work hard to first understand your objectives and work tirelessly to see you succeed at each and every one of them, well beyond the length of your campaign.


We Are Disrupting Venture Capital.

As entrepreneurs, we understand the frustration of raising money and the process that is involved at the most inept time. We are also aware of what it takes to produce a good business, the difference between an idea and a business with substance, and the benefit of the right partnerships and smart money.

If you have all these things, the right team, chasing the right market, the traction, and everything else you have laid out so thoroughly in your deck there is absolutely no need for you to be chasing money, investors should be knocking on your door and we are here to ensure that happens.

"The market is the market, and the market will decide if you’re good enough to be consumed." - Gary Vaynerchuk

We are also big believers as per the quote above the market should be the judge of your business and not the investors along sandhill road. The days of throwing darts to decide which investments are best are behind us. Sure there is most certainly an element of intuition, of gut feel, but sometimes the wrong players are getting shown the door when they could be the team with the next unicorn. Why? because decisions based on preconceived notions, and personal bias are very much the opposite of data driven entrepreneurs. 

Allow us to run you through the ringer - and we guarantee we will help you succeed if you make it out the other end. We probably have the strictest onboarding process of any investor marketplace but we do this to de-risk everything for investors that can then make a split decision. We do this so we don't waste each others time, and we do this to provide a framework to what it takes to make it to the top. Don't worry if you are not quite there we can help you get you in shape, if not, nothing personal...we only work with the best.