Venture Capital is Broken

 The power is now back in the hands of the entrepreneur.

The power is now back in the hands of the entrepreneur.


I am an entrepreneur. My business is doing well. I have survived and thrived in a business world that puts failure at 90%.

So then what?

I need capital!

So at the most critical time possible in my business, I research venture capital firms, I prepare a pitch deck and hit the road for what can be a long and tumultuous ride. I get a lot of rejection, I have a few wins, and now have 50 versions of the same presentation, catering to every conceivable amendment necessary to get those dollars across the line, but at what cost?

What is the cost of this distraction?

Unfortunately - This is how venture capital works.

It is controlled by an anointed few that decide who gets the blessings.

It comes with legacy and bias. 

In fact, you don't even look like an entrepreneur!

It is an analogue solution to a digital problem.

It is broken.

Equity Crowdfunding is the solution.

Let the people decide who to invest in. Let the market decide what will work. Give the market a chance to invest in the startups they love and the products they use.

And let the investors come to the entrepreneur.

This is the promise we are excited about here at Wealth Circuit, and we hope you follow our journey.